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2024. június 21., 10:25


Important information!

We would like to draw the attention of international students to the information about summer accommodation, moving out of and handing over the room and we are asking for their cooperation.

(1) Final date for moving out

Final deadline for moving out of the Bolyai Student Hostel, E/3, E/4 buildings:
Friday 28 June 2024, 2 p.m.

Moving of students who have previously requested accommodation for the summer to their summer room: 29 June 2024 between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.!

(2) International students will be accommodated in the Uni-Hostel Student Residence during the summer holiday

  • International students living in the building E/3 can apply for summer accommodation in the E/6 building, Room 3 on the ground floor, on weekdays between 8 am. and 2 p.m., until 28 June 2024, noon/midday, in person, to the caretaker Nikolett Görcsös.
  • International students living in the building E/4 can register for summer accommodation at the reception desk of the hostel E/4 until noon/midday on 26 June 2024.
  • The accommodation fees and payment methods remain unchanged from the academic year for SH and SCYP scholarship students. All other international students have to pay a fee of 45000,- HUF/month/person at the reception of the Uni-Hostel Student Residence (there is a half-monthly and monthly fee, the half-monthly fee is 50% of the monthly fee).
  • Room assignments and room cards are available at the reception desk of the Uni-Hostel Student Residence when you move in.

(3) Handing the room over when moving out

In accordance with the current dormitory regulations (Regulations for the Operation of Dormitories § 19 (4)):

"When moving out, students are obliged to hand over their rooms in a clean and tidy condition (as they were when they moved in) and to remove any decorations they have placed."

Therefore, the building caretaker or a Bolyai Student Hostel representative will take over the room from the student(s) who wishes to move out of the dormitory. Upon taking possession of the room, the cleanliness of the room, the removal of decorations (including the exterior and interior of the room and closet doors), the adjustment of the furniture and the general condition of the room will be checked against the document completed at the time of move-in. In the event of unsatisfactory conditions, the inspectors may impose a default fee of HUF 3,500 per person (cleaning fee) on the occupants of the room in accordance with Article 124(1) of the Student Requirements System, Volume III of the Regulations.

(4) Prior registration for moving out

In order to ensure that the check-in procedure described in (2) can be carried out as smoothly as possible and without disruption, students moving out must register in advance.

From 17 June 2024, you must pre-register before moving out,
and you cannot move out or move in without pre-registration!

Registration is possible from 17 June 2024 onwards, using the form available at the reception desks of the dormitory buildings, until 3 p.m. on the working day before the planned move-out day!

We kindly ask you to unpack all your personal belongings from the room, clean the room and to complete the check out process by the agreed time.

Once the room is ready, it is not possible to return to the room!

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